What Kind of Music is Played in Casinos? – Are All Casinos the Same?

People still love casinos, otherwise they would be out of jobs really quickly. When talking about casinos, brick and mortar, huge buildings, which are hotels and casinos at the same time, is what is meant when the word casino is used. Casinos have something about them, something other than gambling, which attracts visitors who are not even that fond of gambling, or are even going to gamble. Could it be the music? You don’t get to choose it, though, as you would while browsing an online casino. It is easy when you can modify and choose your own playlist on your own streaming service of choice.

What about the music in regular casinos? What can you expect to hear? All genres of music, actually.

Pop Music

There has always been a place for pop music, even though the way it was made, its patterns, have changed over the years. The pop music of the 70s is nowhere nearly as similar as that of the 80s, let alone what we have today, close to 2020. Pop music is everywhere, at least on 5 out of the 10 radio stations you might find in your local area. With that in mind, you can expect to find pop music played in casinos.

Classic Rock

Classic rock is what you heard in the 70s, the rock which doesn’t go far from the verse chorus verse chorus solo verse chorus part. Some songs might have a bridge before or after the solos while others do not even bother to go that far. Regardless, classic rock is listened to by most of the world and it is instantly recognizable. People, while some of them might not prefer classic rock, they will certainly not mind it, as opposed to something like heavy metal, which will definitely be very extreme for some.

Country Music

People often dislike country music due to having some prejudice about it, yet it is still one of the most popular genres in the world. Country music is so popular in some parts of the world that it would be considered pop music, if country hadn’t already been established as a genre.

Electronic Music

Say what you will, but the world has spoken. This is one of the most popular genres, along with pop, rock and country. While you can find it in casinos, it will be rarer than most genres.


Jazz can do everything, be slow and soulful, upbeat and very energizing. Whatever you need it to be, you can find some great artist who had already done what you require. 

These are the genres which you can expect to hear in casinos. There are probably exceptions, but those are pretty rare.

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