The Best Music Apps of 2021

We live in a world where technology helps us on a daily basis. Whether we are using the internet to search for information necessary for our essays, work, or using applications to make our daily life easier, we rely on technology. Just like individuals use technology, so do the larger companies. Online casinos, for example, turn to promotional codes like this Admiral bonus de bun venit promo code for gambling, while most companies rely on multiple online marketing strategies.

Technology is not just about business, but also art and enjoyment. With that in mind, most of us listen to music in one way or another. Applications are a great way to listen to music. Here are the best choices for 2021.

YouTube Music

This application and website can do loads for you if you are there simply for the music. For starters, it offers audio-only streaming, while also giving you the option to steam videos if the audio-only version of a song is not available. It comes with all of YouTube’s songs, which exceed 40 million.

However, not everything is great in YouTube land… The compression and streaming quality does not exceed 256 kbps and you are given the option of AAC as a downloadable file type, if you pay for the premium subscription. The best part about YouTube Music is the size of its library, though it could use some improvements.


Tidal is the best choice for those who want high resolution audio as an option in their listening experience. Tidal is a premium service, but its prices start from 5 dollars, up to 10 dollars per month. What you get for that price, is a streaming quality which can go from 320 kbps up to 9216 kbps. From MP3 to FLAC and completely lossless audio, Tidal offers a great selection of songs, at a quality which is really hard to beat. For the hi-fi listeners, Tidal may be one of the best applications/streaming services available for users which are not tied to Apple.

Apple Music

Apple has been around for a long time, long enough to build an ecosystem where one does not really need to download anything which is not related to Apple. Apple Music, for example, is a great streaming service that offers a large library of music, also available in high resolution, up to 24bit – 192 kHz. However, given that there is great variety between the platforms of the users, Apple Music might not be the right solution for everyone.


Spotify has been around long enough for people to instantly recognize it. It helps that Spotify has a free tier that limits you by playing ads after a while and not allowing you to organize your playlists in detail. You are given an album or selected playlist and you have to go through it in order or use shuffle.

Premium tiers allow customization and downloads, while you get an ad-free experience. Spotify lacks a true high-resolution format, and as of yet, they still do not offer that option. However, their application is supported on a multitude of systems, platforms and is as compatible as an app can get.

Music is important which is why we go through playlists on a daily basis. We enjoy entertainment and songs can take us to new places. With that in mind, these are some of the best applications for listening to music which you can download now.

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