Fantastic Apps Substituting Spotify

We spend so much time on our phones chatting with friends, looking for Best Online Bingo Offers, or browsing social media. However, number one thing people do on their phones is listen to music, and they do it throug music apps. Spotify is definitely one of the most popular music apps which people use all over the world. Although it is not free of charge, the idea is to financially support singers, bands, and other musicians whose work also has to be paid. Many people stop using Spotify since there are many free apps that can be a nice replacement and which bring about an exquisite musical experience. Here are some of the alternatives which support similar functions as Spotify. 

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a separate app from YouTube, yet it is connected in a way that it uses your previous mixtapes created on YouTube. It saves up your Internet megabytes, and it is only about music. Besides your favorite music playlist, here you can find parodies and different covers of popular music. There are a free version and a premium version of YouTube Music. Some may claim that the free version is way better than Spotify’s free service, and it can offer way more songs than Spotify. 


This app is good for those music enthusiasts who like to discover new music. It contains over 130 million songs, remixes, and covers. A good feature of SoundCloud is that it enables you to share music with other users, get feedback from them, and become a part of a large musicaholic community. It is free of charge, and its only shortcoming is that its collection of the original classical songs is not as rich as on YouTube Music. 

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is only limited to users in the US, and it is not known when it will be expanded to markets in other countries. It must be said that it does not provide its users with high-quality music, so those who care about meticulous sound should use other apps. There is a free version of Pandora Radio, and it is limited to six skips per hour including frequent ads. If you choose Pandora Plus and upgrade to it, there will be unlimited skipping, offline options, and an experience without ads. 


The main advantage of Deezer is that it covers almost all the countries of the world, 189 of them. Deezer possesses a catalog of 35 million songs. The basic package costs $9,99 per month, with a special deal for college students who can enjoy Deezer for only $4,99 per month. The quality of music played on Deezer is unquestionable, and the users need to create an account in order to enjoy all the features. 

Apple Music

Apple Music is for those who seek a unique music experience and don’t care about the price they pay. The main advantage of Apple Music is that it offers more exclusives than other music apps and that it launches new music faster than any other app. It has a collection of 50 million songs and it is available for $9,99 per month. An interesting detail is that Apple Music has reached over 50 million subscribers in three years, and it will soon overpass the number of Spotify subscribers. 


Yet there is another app allowing you to create your own playlist according to the genre, artist, song, or album. It has a free version, a plus version costing $4 per month, and a premium version of $10. Live streams are Slacker’s specialty. 

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