Blogs and YouTube Channels To Discover New Music

The internet is full of stuff you want to see, as well as stuff you might not want to see. It is difficult to find your way around the things you don’t need in your life, like endless clutter which is all around the internet. If you want to avoid it, you should either find some lists about the things you are interested in, or learn to use the search engine better. Just like someone who likes gambling would find, so would those interested in music find YouTube. But, finding channels and blogs which are specifically devoted to music requires a bit more effort. Or in this case, for you to keep reading.


No, they will not riot and use pitchforks, but they will write about music, about all things musical. Pitchfork has been around since 1996, when sites were terrible and you couldn’t even visit them because you most likely didn’t have internet access. If you want to discover new music, this is the place to be, as well as if you want to stay updated on all things musical. Reviews, interviews, features and playlists, you can find it all here.


Music is also about musicians making music, not just about listening to music. If you want to learn more about how to improve in making music in a certain genre or if you want to know how certain effects are achieved and what technology is used, this is the right site for you. They focus on the technology and music creation aspect of music, but also on musicians and songs, as well.

No Copyright Sounds

Moving over to YouTube, we have No Copyright Sounds. Remember all those talks about copyright strikes on YouTube? That is a real thing and many people have lost their content, monetization and entire channels due to not knowing which music to upload and which music to stay away from. This channel is devoted to music which you can use on your channels and not get a copyright strike.


VEVO is a giant in the music industry, especially YouTube. You will find that many bands and popular artists have VEVO in front or after their channel names. You can discover plenty of great music here.


Do you like to sleep and meditate? This is the right channel for you. For all of those who have trouble sleeping, concentrating and finding their mood, this is the best channel to follow. 


Do you like electronic music? This is the channel for you. They have been around for a while now, since 2007 and they backed plenty of great electronic artists. You will find popular artists here, as well as some who are upcoming and breaking through.

Music takes time to be discovered and properly enjoyed. With these blogs and YouTube channels, you will focus more on the music and less on the search. Enjoy and make sure to find new channels, genres and music on your own! 

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