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How Will Concert Events Look Like in the Future

Concerts are some of the main spectacles in the entertainment industry, and people flock from all over the world to enjoy them. However we can’t help but wonder what concerts will look like 50 or 100 years from now. There’s a chance not only the concerts themselves will change but that the marketing surrounding them will change as well (if you’re curious to read more about how marketing functions in today’s world, click here). There is one thing that is abundantly clear and that is that digitalization plays a crucial role in all forms of entertainment and that the entertainment evolves thanks to the capabilities of technology. 

Nowadays you can bet online and get Bethard promo code or similar incentives when you are playing. This is just one of the ways how digitalization has affected entertainment. So let us speculate on how it can affect concerts so that they become absolutely epic experiences. 

VR concerts

One of the new gadgets that are still trying to find its place is definitely VR. Currently it is used for video games, apps, marketing purposes, and watching movies/videos. However, there were some experiments with VR concerts as well, and so far it looks decent. Sure, technology has a lot of room for improvement but we are definitely on the right track. In the future the graphics might look way more realistic, and we really could enter digital space where a whole concert is held, and we attend as our virtual avatar, pretty much like in Ready Player One. 

If this turns out to be the case, who knows how many people will be able to attend the concert and exchange experiences. It will surely look weird for the people who are living with you though, listening to you screaming and having the time of your life with just a headset on.

Epic Live Performance 

We can all agree that today’s live performance spectacles are breathtaking. Superstars have quite expensive tours, but these concerts really deliver on the vibrant atmosphere and sheer level of excitement. Changing costumes, stage fires, awesome lighting, professional dancers, etc. really changed how we experience these events. This only makes you wonder, how will all of these things improve over the years. Well, as we know the sound equipment gets better so there will definitely be subtle improvements in that field. Also, we rely on drones more, so stage lighting will probably be way more creative.  

There was amazing headway in the fields of robotics as well, and since robots are awesome, it should come as no surprise that some of them might fill in for the stage dancers. After all, they are one of the reasons why everyone is looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics. Let’s also not forget that it’s not all about the show itself, improved accommodation plays a crucial role when it comes to these experiences. So considering how information is shared nowadays, you might have a completely personalized sitting arrangement and menu tailored to your taste and preferences. 

Virtual Shows

Given how streaming is popular, it wouldn’t be too surprising if concerts were held and streamed for those with virtual tickets. This way an artist and a team of community managers can interact with the audience online and make it more exciting. Artists would say different names, dedicate songs to specific fans, and actually talk to the fans online in between the breaks. It is a great way to enjoy the show if you are in a different country and cannot attend in person. 

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