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7 Types of Irritating People You’ll Always See at a Concert

No matter who the artist, what the venue, or how much the tickets cost, you are guaranteed to meet these types of people at any concert. Pay attention next time: you will definitely spot them! You should also pay attention to this amazing promotion offered to you by 1xbet Promo Code. It’s a great chance to earn some cash for the next concert you’ve been planning to visit.

The Kissers: smooching right next to your ear while you are trying to listen to some good music. Why did they pay for the tickets, only to make-out in a crowded, public place instead of simply getting busy at home with an album playing?

The Cameraman: a person who records everything the entire time, thinking they are Steven Spielberg with an iPhone. They are distracting you with their flashy lights, ruining concert for themselves and for people around them, only to make a messy, pixelated video, that few people on YouTube will maybe start watching.

The Shouter: this guy’s random screams in the dark will destroy your favourite soft ballad. This type can’t stand what to his drunken mind seems like an evident case of crowd’s lack of euphoria. Since he sees himself as the heart of all the fun, he must compensate for the above by screaming nonsense at the top of his lungs.

The Drunk: similar to the screamer, but will annoy you at a much more personal level. Whether they are inadvertently pushing you, spilling drinks all over you, or trying to have a conversation during the song you’ve been waiting for whole night, you don’t want to find yourself next to a drunk at the concert.

The Unimpressed: those people who come to the concert and look like they are way above the entire situation. They are not dancing, they are not smiling, but they are not simply bored either. No, they cross their arms and frown upon the band and all of us simple-minded mortals who are actually enjoying it.

The Talker: this person doesn’t care about the music, knows only one song, and obviously thinks it is a good idea to discuss their personal problems, or simply chat about what they had for lunch that day, at ear-splitting volume, in a crowd of hundreds. They will keep yelling at your ear until you start yearning for the sweet solace of death.

The Dancer: this guy or a girl is dancing way too enthusiastically, occasionally pushing people around them, thinking their moves are all the rage. They can be annoying to look at, but hey, we’ve all been there. The only thing more annoying than an overzealous dancer is a person putting you down for dancing overzealously.

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