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Crazy Things Famous Musicians Have Done on Stage

Musicians are known for their eccentricity from time to time. Especially in hard rock, musicians have been known to do wild things on stage, some of them more dangerous than others. They belong to the “wild” people, people who love gambling in life and want to be adventurous – one of those groups of people are the gamblers who enjoy betting on their favorite teams or playing casinos for luck with the help of Smarkets promotional code. They may not earn as much as musicians do, but they have fun at least!

Here is a list of such musicians and their wildest stage antics.

Ozzy Osbourne – Bit a Bat’s Head on Stage

Ozzy has been known to do some weird stuff on stage, as he has frequently been on more than just one drug during his performances. During the 1980s, while performing with Black Sabbath, someone threw a bat on the stage and Ozzy picked it up and bit its head off, reinforcing the image that people had of him, as a rather crazy frontman.

Jimi Hendrix – Guitar on Fire

Jimi Hendrix is just one of the many musicians who lit their guitar on fire. Jimi did it first, probably. Back in 1967, Jimi lit his guitar on fire while performing at the Monterey Festival. He poured lighter fuel over it and just lit it, suffering burns himself. Many people followed in the decades to come, destroying many guitars and amplifiers in the process. Jimi led the bunch, much as he did in the musical sense.

Iggy Pop – Cutting Himself

Iggy Pop is definitely an interesting performer who loved to do controversial things, above everything else, stage diving. When not stage diving, however, he used knives to cut his own body and also rolled on shards of glass. It was said that he did this to raise awareness. He also reportedly once got in a fight with bikers, got beaten up and still did his performance almost immediately after.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Nude Concerts

Red Hot Chili Peppers were quite famous for a lot of things, from substance abuse to many other details such as concerts where they were completely nude. Granted, they weren’t nude to the bone, but wore socks over their most private regions. They performed this way many times, from the early days of their more funky style, back in the 80s, to the year 2000, when their last sox on cox tour took place.

Alice Cooper – Swords and Dolls

Alice Cooper had a lot of mysticism surrounding him during the 70s and 80s, and for a good reason. Impaling dolls on stage by using swords is a great way to create a persona and myth about yourself. Having a working guillotine also works wonders, as well as performing with an actual, living boa snake.

These are some of the craziest things that musicians have done on stage. There are more, some even more controversial than these on the list, yet these are definitely some of the more interesting ones, before diving into the territory of downright creepy and gruesome.

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